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  • Ethical Swimwear

    Mindful Practices for the New Year: Anxiety Reducers, Indulgences & Realistic Goals

    Learn how to take a mindful approach to the new year with anxiety-reducing practices, self-love indulgences, and realistic goals.

  • 5 Ethical Gift Ideas

    5 Ethical Gift Ideas

    The gifting season is our chance to uplift other's spirits. Here is our take on Sustainable + Local + Unique + Small Business Gift Ideas.

  • How to Wash Swimwear Properly

    How to Wash Swimwear Properly

    Whether you’re heading to the beach or wearing your swimsuit as daywear, the best way to extend the life of your bathing suit is to wash it. But how do you properly wash your swimwear? It's easy and we share how!

  • Ethical Beach Bag Essentials

    Ethical Beach Bag Essentials

    Wherever you are in the world, whether you’re planning a staycation for Christmas break or it’s summertime in your region, it’s always a good time to start building an ethical beach bag. 

  • How To Style Your Swimwear as Daywear

    How To Style Your Swimwear as Daywear

    Other uses for your swimsuits post Summer? Bodysuits, crop tops, paired with maxi skirts, street style! There are so many ways to extend your ethically made bathing suits throughout the year.