How to Conquer Swimsuit Anxiety this Summer

     As we welcome Spring, we anticipate Summer, and for some, that includes a classic case of swimsuit anxiety. Add the fact that we have all been practically recluse for a year (thanks a lot, COVID), that stress may feel insurmountable. As an ethically conscious swimwear brand, this is top of mind for us. We want our fellow bathing suit lovers to dive into Summer feeling gorgeous - wearing swimwear that compliments individual style, while minimizing individual insecurities.  

     A major inspiration to our founder derives from the confidence found on Brazilian beaches, where women boldly embrace delicious summer moments, without worrying whether or not a stretch mark is showing or whether a roll is forming. We know it’s not that simple, but what IS simple is soaking up the Summer sun n’ fun confidently and authentically! 

     We design intentional details into each collection that help empower women to rise above stressing over “problem areas” and instead savor their own delicious summer moments - while feeling beautiful in their own skin. We believe there is beauty in every body and we’re here to prove it! We chose three of our most flattering suits that help combat the bummer that is Summer bathing suit anxiety - and two fail-safe cover-ups for keeping stylish during those “I just can’t” moods. Each piece showcases its own unique ability to promote confidence and alleviate anxiety where and when you need it most!


     For anyone seeking “full coverage” this Summer, you can’t go wrong in the Noronha - our ultimate go-to one-piece. This midnight maillot is a solid, yet sexy blend of practicality and style. This suit compliments every body type, but is a life-saver to anyone who might not be ready to rock that bikini just yet. 

     The front is subtly, yet intentionally, pleated to smooth loose skin or rolls - the neckline is squared (instead of scooped) to accentuate your décolleté while providing just a little extra top coverage - and the sides are cinched to spotlight an elegant and femenine silhouette. With all your assets covered, this one-piece can be your one-suit this Summer (btw, don’t be afraid to double as a body-suit)!


     Looking for “moderate coverage”? Meet the Vivianne - in all her high-waisted glory, she is the “end all, be all” grace of tummy insecurity - in terms of confidence inspiring swimwear, it‘s our “one-piece of bikinis”.

     The Vivianne Bottoms will keep your hips and tummy smoothed and fully covered; the Vivianne Top has a thick back to smooth back skin (without cutting in), and an adjustable front tie to ensure a custom fit. If you’re ready for a bikini, but not quite ready to give up the tummy coverage offered by a one-piece, this suit lets you be comfortable in between. 


     Struggling with that last bit of post-winter “fluff” or postpartum baby weight? Our Belo Horizonte is a “moderate/light coverage” bikini with a thick-waistband for smoothing “fluffy” waistlines into seamless silhouettes. 

     We know some of you only need that little extra confidence boost that can be found within a well crafted waist-band, which is why we created this suit. The Belo Horizonte Bottoms combine a sturdy, thicker waistband with clean finished seams to evenly smooth hip “fluff” or tummy “pooches” - with none of the uncomfortable indentations. The Belo Horizonte Top features a thick back for a smoothed look with an adjustable front tie for personalized style and fit - without cutting in. 


     And finally, the pièce de résistance, the “Summer Staple for Swimwear Anxiety” that every girl needs (the name speaks for itself, people!) - the cover-up. For any time you’re feeling #nope about conquering your Summer swimwear anxiety - wrap yourself in the comforting embrace of one of our “little black dresses'' of cover-ups - The Cabo Frio / Búzios Dress.

     For maximum coverage, or showing a little leg, these cover-ups will keep you covered whenever duty calls. It’s normal to feel insecure sometimes, just don’t let that insecurity ruin your delicious Summer moments. #OwnYourSummer by owning your body. Break the mold, just be YOU.