High Waisted Bikini Bottoms


Wanting to feel beautiful in a swimsuit but do not feel comfortable exposing so much skin?

Want to cover up the few extra pounds you put on this winter?

Did you have a baby and have a few stretch marks to hide?

Feeling like you passed those string bikini days?

Do you like that retro look?

Whatever your reason might be, high waisted bikini bottoms could be perfect for you. This style is no longer the boring image of a frumpy suit, barely exposing the midriff. Today’s hottest trend – the high waisted bikini bottoms – shows off what needs to be seen and covers what is to be left to the imagination. High waisted bikini bottoms are sexy, elegant and timeless.

Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, Beyoncé have all been seen in these eternal fashion statements. If you are looking to be pin-up perfect or simply just comfortable, this little number could become an essential part of your bikini drawer!

Still feeling a bit skeptical?

This is one of the few swimsuits that looks great on the gamut of women, from young to old, pear-shaped to petite. Pair it with a beach kimono and a pair of wedges for a mid-Summer pool party. Take it out for a spin on your board during a sunset surf session. Or simply step into it to for that understated fashion look lounging with your girlfriends on Malibu beach.

High Waisted Swimsuit


For those pint-sized ladies, this suit gives the illusion of an elongated body. High waisted bikini bottoms extend your bottom half, while a strapless bikini top shows off more skin, giving the impression of a longer torso.


For those plus size beauties, high waisted bikini bottoms tactfully cover the extra padding around your waist. They can help smooth out the hips and portray a slimmer and toned shape.


For those with a nicely proportioned bust and hips and a smaller midsection, your shape is ideal for this bikini. High waisted bikini bottoms draw attention to your slimmest area – your waist – making those with the hourglass figure feeling flirty on the sand!

High Waisted Bikinis


For those lucky to be endowed with a strong derrière, high waisted bikini bottoms provide better coverage and expose less skin than their cheeky bikini bottom cousin.


For the elegant woman with a long upper body, high waisted bikini bottoms give the illusion of a more proportionate waist to torso ratio. Pair your suit with a halter or classic string top to make the effect even better!


For those who can not sit still on a beach, whether that be catching a wave or playing volleyball, high waisted bikini bottoms make you feel more secure in your suit and less likely to have that ‘OOPs’ moment when your wardrobe malfunctions.

High Waisted Suits


For those just wanting to appear seaside in a classic way, high waisted bikini bottoms will bring you one step closer to that Brigitte Bardot feel. This suit accentuates the feminine figure while showing off just the right amount of skin.

How Bromelia Swimwear wears it: We find high waisted bikini bottoms best pairs with a non-bulky and slim-fitting top. This way you are not sporting too much material, and keep the suit true to its feminine silhouette. It is also best to wear a seamlessly stitched bikini bottom. This will avoid the quadruple buttocks effect [when your suit cuts into your backside leaving you looking as if you have two extra cheeks!]

But the best accessory of all is your self-confidence. Nothing brings a bathing suit more to life than a woman who owns it. We want you to find the perfect suit, so you can leave behind the days of covering up on the beach or feeling anxious about your afternoon at the pool. If you have any questions about what suit is right for you, send us a message and our swimwear experts will be there to guide you. There is no reason for you to not feel your absolute best in a beautiful piece of swimwear. And if you have not yet found that perfect suit, then we think it is about time!