How to Elevate Your Beach Days


     Summer is just around the corner, and after many seasons spent locked down, everyone is itching to get back out there and dive into their much-missed routines. For the Bromelia team, our routine involves a lot of beachin’ in our favorite ‘kinis. As avid beach-lovers, we know a thing or two about how to elevate your beach days and we felt morally obligated to share our secrets with you. 

     The most important thing to consider when planning a day on the beach, is figuring out what type of beach-day vibe you are going for. This will be different for everyone, and that’s okay! Are you someone who likes getting cozy in the shade with a good book and your favorite beach chair, or someone who likes to turn it up and soak in that sun? What kind of snacks and cold drinks do you imagine yourself wanting throughout the day (and will your friends be there to share)? Have you thought about sun protection and other beachy comforts? Lastly (where we come in to help the most), what kind of suit do you feel would best empower your body and aesthetic during your favorite beachy activities (i.e. swimming, tanning, surfing, playing volleyball, etc.). These are all questions to ask yourself before any beach day can begin, and depending on the type of day that fits your style, this can mean bringing a lot or a little! 

     If the type of beach day vibe you are going for is short and minimal, you can probably get away with a mental checklist, but if not it is always helpful to have one written down. It’s so important not to forget any of your important supplies, so making a list and checking it off is going to ensure everything is beachside-bliss. Imagine losing out on that perfect parking spot because you had to run to the convenience store for sunscreen that you forgot to pack.

     One of our favorite beach necessities is a backpack beach chair. It’s lightweight, handsfree, and  some even come with their own cooler and dry storage compartments attached to the back. You can put your drinks, snacks, bluetooth speaker, towel, and anything else you can fit in there, leaving you with two free-hands. You’ll notice that with the backpack it feels like you can carry more with your hands because it balances you out, ergonomically. 

     Another item that is crucial to any beach day is a water-resistant tote bag. This is great for transporting all your fresh items to the beach and all your sandy, salty, and wet items home. Some people prefer a mesh tote that allows sand to fall through, but this can wind up becoming a bit of a mess when getting home. The laminated lining of the water-resistant totes makes for an easy post-beach wipe down or rinse. One of our favorite tips for reducing how much sand you bring home with you is using an empty water bottle refilled with ocean water to rinse your feet off before stepping into the car (this is especially helpful if you have small sandy children!). It’s also one last enjoyment of Mother Earth’s salty waves!

     In addition to making sure you pack your sunscreen you also want to be sure you are applying it at least 30 minutes BEFORE you go to the beach. This is a common mistake as most people won’t apply until after they’re already there, but it is important to allow the sunscreen time to absorb into your skin before getting wet. Additionally you want to consider bringing other items that help minimize sun exposure like a hat, sunglasses, lip balm, etc. Our biggest secret regarding staying safe in the sun is in our suits..well, in the fabric. All of our fabrics are made with SPF/UPF 50+ protection, it’s like sunscreen for your sensitive bits! 

     Finally, the most important way to elevate your beach day (insert drumroll)...go into it feeling like your most-genuine self, and the best way to do that is by wearing a bathing suit designed with your personalized style and comfort in mind. That’s exactly what we aim to do here at Bromelia. You may gravitate towards a string bikini (Gabriela) or a strapless (Iguaçu) for tanning. Maybe you’re looking for your go-to one-piece, offering extra coverage and sun protection (Noronha), or maybe you are looking for that extra bit of support offered by an underwire (Pantanal) or an s-hook back clasp (Valentina). Whatever your preference, we have a team of devoted stylists dedicated to helping you find your ideal fit, comfort, and style - which is the most deliciously essential ingredient in elevating your beach days and enjoying the beach confidently and authentically. If you’re unsure, just drop us a line!