Mindful Practices for the New Year: Anxiety Reducers, Indulgences & Realistic Goals

After everything that we went through in 2020, we were all looking forward to a fresh start! But this time, let’s take a mindful approach to the new year since we could all use it more than ever. Instead of choosing a bunch of conventional goals that probably haven’t changed much in the past five years, focus your goals on reducing anxiety, showing yourself more love, and most importantly, sustaining YOU. Here are four mindful practices to optimize your wellness and start 2021 off on the right note!


Mindful Practices Rituals Anti Stress

Every time January rolls around, we all put our energy into a whole new set of goals. And after a few short months, it seems like most of us lose sight of what we once were so focused on. When we’re constantly thinking of our end goal, it’s easy to forget that we have to go through a process in order to achieve anything in life.

In 2021, start focusing on the process. In fact, find the beauty in it. If new year's resolutions have always been a challenge for you to stick with, change your strategy, and start enjoying whatever process you have to go through. Create realistic and measurable goals so that you can hold yourself accountable. And while you’re writing them down, don’t forget that a goal doesn’t mean anything unless there’s a plan of action. Make sure you’re laying out your roadmap so that you can achieve your intention.


4 Mindful Practices New Year

When our physical space is a mess, there’s a pretty good chance that our brain will feel the same way. Don’t take it from us though, take it from the Stanford research! Studies have shown that there’s actually a connection between clutter around our home or workspace and stress. A clean, organized space can lead to higher confidence levels, reduced anxiety, better time management, and surprisingly, it might even help you make healthier eating choices! If your house is always a mess, trust us; we get it. But that’s what new year's resolutions are for; to challenge yourself into becoming a better you.



Staying sane while working from home isn’t as easy as we all used to think. For some of us, it might be more stressful and less productive than actually going into the office. If this sounds like your life right now, it’s time to create healthy practices and find a routine that works for you. Instead of following someone else's routine, analyze your own life and come up with morning, afternoon, and nighttime rituals to boost productivity and keep you grounded! 


Mindful Practices Anti Stress

Some call it “investing in yourself,” but we like to think of self-gifting as an indulgence to show yourself some much-needed love. That being said, we don’t mean to spend all your money on impulse purchases. Instead, make mindful purchases on whatever is necessary to take care of your mind, body, and soul. Especially during stressful and uncertain times, allowing yourself to indulge in a few luxuries here and there can be the ultimate mood-booster! 

If it makes your day just a little bit brighter when you have flowers on your kitchen table, make it a goal to pick up some fresh cut ones each week. Self-indulgences can be as small as a dozen lilies, or it can be something much bigger. If you need to invest in a conscious cozy gift that you’ve been wanting for yourself, go for it. As long as you’re doing what you need to maintain yourself and your sanity, by all means, allow yourself to indulge!