5 Ethical Gift Ideas

5 Ethical Holiday Gift Ideas

The gifting season is one of the most joyous times of year, and not just because of the gifts we receive, but because of the gifts we give. It’s our chance to uplift the spirits of our loved ones with thoughtful presents that reflect our appreciation of them. And during uncertain times like now, there’s never been a better time to start shopping with ethics in mind for gifts that’ll spread joy and support small businesses. 

Here’s our top five ethical holiday gifts from businesses with values aligned with ours. We look for fair wages, inclusivity, or sustainability efforts so that you know your holiday purchases are going towards a small business that you can feel good about.


Ethical Gifts

Made by the organization, MADE By DWC, the Trailblazer Set includes three scented candles inspired by the California coast and an ethically sourced palo santo and sage! This set is a thoughtful gift to give this holiday season since each candle has musky and earthy notes, meant to mimic the smell of the outdoors. As we’re spending more time indoors this year, burning these scents around the home can be the ultimate mood-boosters.

MADE By DWC was founded by the Downtown Women’s Shelter in Los Angeles to support and empower women transitioning out of homelessness. Supporting this organization is supporting women by providing them with income, security, and job experience while receiving beautiful handmade gifts.

Shop | $52.00


As Everlane describes, these slippers are like “a duvet for your feet.” With 100% recycled materials, Everlane creates the softest slippers to wear around the house or even to wear outside since the sole is extremely durable. These slippers are perfect for relaxing days in quarantine, or to bring with you on vacation! 

Everlane is transparent with their production, providing full descriptions of each factory that their products are made in. Beyond that, each factory is given a compliance audit to evaluate their working conditions like wages, hours, and safety. 

Shop | $50.00



If you’ve ever been gifted an ultra-soft bathrobe, then you know how great of a gift they can be. Bathrobes are one of those items that you never realized you needed, which is why you might not get one for yourself. But once you own one, there’s no going back! 

Ettitude creates 100% organic robes out of bamboo material to be mindful of the planet and their carbon footprint, while keeping a cozy feel. The company is female-powered and works with the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production that ensures all of their employees are paid fair and liveable wages.

Shop | $80.00


Whether they need a beach blanket, decorative throw, bed blanket, or cozy quilt, Coyuchi has every kind of blanket you can think of. The best part is, each blanket is designed with intention and passion. Coyuchi’s manifesto is to think independently from societal norms, and respect their design process from start to finish. 

That includes respect for the earth where they source their natural materials and respect for the humans creating their products. Coyuchi blankets are also inspired by the California coast, organically grown, and safe for their employees to work with and their customers to enjoy.

Shop | $100 - $400


ethical gifts

You can never go wrong with giving a high-quality swimsuit for them to take on vacations in the near future, to the pool, to the beach, or even to wear before stepping outside and getting some sun. Whether you need a suit for her or a suit for him, we’ve got something for everyone. 

Bromelia is run by a female-powered team and inspired by artists from underserved communities that bring the designs to life. We work to break the irresponsible cycle of the fast fashion industry and make room for a new approach to fashion by supporting human sustainability. All of our products and practices align with the ethical fashion industry as each employee is paid fair wages and provided a dignified workspace. 

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*note: we are not paid to promote. these are our authentic recommendations.