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Bromelia Swimwear's Story

California-raised founder, Lauren Quinn, aims to support local artists wherever she is living, with an emphasis on underrepresented communities: female and lgbtq.

In order to grow the brand's authentic roots, she moved alone to Brazil in 2015 without knowing anyone, to learn the local language and culture, in order to deeply understand all aspects of a beautifully crafted swimsuit. 

Along the journey, she sought out locals who had a story to tell through patterns, design, art and photography. These were not corporate executives, but real people with native ideas about what defines the ideal swimsuit. 

Born into the knowledge of how to construct a swimsuit that gracefully highlights a woman’s silhouette, this community was empowered through ethical fair waged fashion. These Brazilians, who have been wearing swimsuits every day for their whole lives, collaborated as equals in a vibrant environment of mutual respect.

Bromelia Swimwear was born from this powerful mix of Brazilian soul and California beach lifestyle. 

The local Brazilian artists who brought Bromelia to life.





What is Ethical Fashion?

Ethical Fashion is created through fair paid wages, a dignified work space, respect for what your artist brings to the table and empowerment through experience. Ethical Fashion is human sustainability.

Bromelia Swimwear is created and made by an all female & lqbtq creative team. From the design stage through to pattern making, from sewing to putting on the final trims, the women who make Bromelia are appreciated for the work they contribute. Everyone who touches your suit is valuable and treated with dignity, no matter how big or small their part.

Ethically Made

woman run

local artists

made in brazil

in a vintage design house