How to Wear Your Bikini as a Bra

    As an ethical swimwear brand, we have a deep fondness for that “live in your bikini” lifestyle. Bikinis have an essence of fun, happiness, and adventure that is simply unignorable. When we put on a bikini top, it’s usually in preparation for making great memories in the sun. We believe that you don’t have to be in the sun (although, it surely doesn’t hurt!) to embody that positive essence, and by wearing your bikini as a bra, you can bring it with you to every occasion.   

    You’re probably wondering, “yes, yes but how do I do this confidently and comfortably?”... don’t worry, we are here to show you just the right way to dive in. 

    If you are reading this article, you can probably relate to the feeling of a stiff bra with (far too often) pesky underwire, hence the inspiration behind the creation of the “bralette”. But what we didn’t stop to consider was that most of us had a bralette (in a sense) all along, in the form of your favorite bikini top! Swapping out your bra for a bikini top is no more of a stretch than rocking a bralette. Whether you’re pairing your bikini top with a sheer or plunging blouse for style, or pairing it with a basic tee for comfort - you will love the feeling of trading in your traditional bra for a more comfortable, more versatile alternative, and your “ladies” will be thankful for the upgrade.


     Another great opportunity to substitute your bra for your bikini top is during your yoga routine! Part of doing yoga is about finding your center, and nothing takes you to your happy place like remembering beach-time fun. An added benefit is that, like yoga clothes, our bathing suits utilize Spandex and will move fluidly with you throughout Downward Dog, while simultaneously wicking moisture during your Warrior II. I mean, honestly, it’s a no-brainer to incorporate your supportive bikini tops into your Saturday yoga wardrobe - they’re made for getting wet and making a splash...even in a steamy studio!


     Speaking of steamy… there is nothing like the confidence boost that comes from feeling sexy in what you’re wearing. By trading in your bra for your swimwear you are transforming your “bikini drawer” into your “swimtimates drawer” - as equally mysterious and alluring as it sounds! In addition to dualizing your swimwear, you’ve just doubled your bikini usage, while adding a whole new collection to your usual rotation. 

     By looking at swimwear through this new lens, it truly leaves the comfort level and functionality of “traditional” undergarments wanting. When we invest in high-quality clothing, the last thing we want to do is become functionally fixated on when, or where, we can wear it (with the exception of maybe ballgowns but, hey… who are we to judge?!). By wearing our bikinis as bras, we are furthering our enjoyment of swimwear while embracing that “live in your bikini” lifestyle comfortably, confidently, and authentically.