What is Ethical Fashion?


The beauty of living in our society is that we can choose from an endless array of options. This goes with anything from the foods we put in our bodies to the clothes we pick out for our wardrobe. We have thousands of brands creating unique clothing, which, in so many ways, is beautiful because we’re able to choose specific pieces that express our individuality the best. However, there’s a very dark side to all of this. The dark side is the true cost of our fast-fashion industry: ethics.

A question we see far too often is, what does it mean to be an ethical fashion brand? This question isn’t as simplistic as it sounds. Its frequency implies that consumers aren’t aware enough of the fact that the clothes they purchase are most likely being produced from inhumane working conditions. How can we not know if our garments were produced ethically or not? Well, it’s most likely because fast-fashion brands don’t want us to know that information. Fast-fashion doesn’t value transparency, it values sales. As consumers, it’s our responsibility to learn more about ethical fashion so that we can abide by our own code of ethics and only support brands that say no to human exploitation.


What is Ethical Fashion?

Let’s tackle the pressing question; what does it mean to be ethical in the fashion industry? It means to value the workers’ lives who make the clothing possible from farmers to garment stitchers. Meaning, everyone responsible for making the garment is paid fair wages and has access to good working conditions. 

Unfortunately, not all clothing brands value social good. Instead, fast-fashion is responsible for exploiting garment workers, unliveable or often unpaid wages and large amounts of waste for cheap price tags and high profits. As fast-fashion began to rise in the ’90s, the idea of “fair” prices for consumers became in high demand. What consumers weren’t aware of is that our affordable wardrobe is at the expense of another human’s well being overseas. When we mentioned that there’s a dark side to the fashion industry, this is what we mean. 


What is Ethical Fashion?

As consumers, we deserve better from the fashion industry. We deserve to know where our clothing is made, how it’s made, and what it took for that garment to get into our closet. More importantly, the workers who make our wardrobe possible deserve better. At Bromelia, we see the good in people, and we believe that much of the fast-fashion industry isn’t aligned with most people’s personal values. The lack of transparency from companies forces consumers to trade ethics for style, and sometimes they don’t even know it. 

We believe in human sustainability. We don’t view the ones who bring our vision to life as workers, we see them as designers. From start to finish, our swimsuits are made from our cherished and valued Brazilian artists so you can always wear them with a clear conscience. 

Whether this is brand new information to you or the last straw you needed, we’re proud to play a role in your journey towards conscious consumerism and ethical fashion. Weeding out brands to avoid can be tricky since marketing and advertising can be quite deceptive nowadays, but we encourage you to be an informed consumer so that your purchases always align with your values. The Clean Clothes Campaign dives even deeper into why ethical production needs to be the standard and provides more information on how we can create change within the fast-fashion industry. If you’re ever in doubt, always remember that if the price tag is unusually cheap, the trust cost is most likely hidden!