Myths About Brazilian Swimwear


What comes to mind when you think of Brazilian Swimwear?  … Bronzed derrières?  … Rio de Janeiro Beaches?  … Cheeky cut bathing suits?  … Confident women?   Now let’s be honest… what really comes to mind when you think of Brazilian Swimwear?  … Not me!  … Where could I even be seen in it?  … Do I need to get a Brazilian wax? … Oh %@*! noooo!

Any woman can truly rock a piece of Brazilian swimwear, but it takes an element of “I own it” and desire to feel comfortable in your own skin to truly pull it off. No, you do not need to feel 100% confident. What woman really does? But it is about your attitude of loving the inside and outside of who you are.

Brazilian Swimwear


YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A SIZE 0 It is not about wearing the most skimpy suit on the beach… true Brazilian Swimwear is about flattering cuts that contour to your body and offer a better fitting suit, regardless of your body shape. Brazilian swimwear is more flattering than a traditional bathing suit. Why? A traditional bikini can leave your bottom looking unkempt and saggy. Whereas Brazilian swimwear is designed with strategic cuts to lovingly hug your curves. This accentuates your best parts rather than cover them leaving you looking boxy.

YOU DO NOT NEED A BRAZILIAN BIKINI WAX While it is a good idea to be properly manicured, it is in no way essential to have a Brazilian bikini wax. Bikinis in Brazil got smaller in the 70s and 80s and the beaches in Rio de Janeiro began to fill up with them. As the bottoms got smaller, exposed skin area became bigger and women started to wax to ensure smooth, clear skin around the bikini with no tiny surprises poking out. But much to popular belief, Brazilian Swimwear can provide similar frontal coverage to a traditional swimsuit.

Brazilian High Waisted Swimwear

NOT ALL BRAZILIAN SWIMWEAR IS THE SAME There are other styles of Brazilian swimwear besides the G-string bikini. There are cheeky cuts that offer greater coverage, yet still, leave you with a sexy silhouette. You’ve got your cheeky, tanga, high waisted, triangle and string. Showing just a little bit of bottom can still be considered Brazilian. And while Brazilian swimwear is smaller than your traditional full derrière bottoms, it still can leave you feeling like you are wearing a supportive swimsuit.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE IN BRAZIL TO WEAR ONE There are many beach cities around the world where it is common to see women in these playful suits.

LATIN AMERICA: Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, and Argentina are the top countries where you will find the majority of the women showing off their curves. But it is still common with other Latin America countries, to find these cheeky suits.

NORTH AMERICA: If you are surfing, sunning or exercising on the beach in California, Florida, and Hawaii, you will find it very comfortable to wear this style.

EUROPE: While topless sunbathing is more common than not, party beach towns such as Mykonos, Ibiza and St Tropez are equally as welcoming to Brazilian swimwear.

AUSTRALIA: Within the fitness and surfing beach communities, you are starting to see the rise of these flirty numbers.

Brazilian Swimsuits

Brazilian swimwear offers much better tan lines [or ‘white bits’ for our Londoners]. The classic swimsuit will leave quite a bit of skin unexposed preserving the color earned from those chilly winter months you spent indoors with a bottle of red, binging on Netflix series. But if you want to enjoy the true benefit of that vitamin D, then slip into a littler South American number.

A WORD TO THE WISE If you are not in Brazilian swimwear in Brazil, you will feel out of place. You will not be shunned for your choice of a classic “Gringa” suit [gringa = female foreigner] but you will definitely stand out. In Brazil, women of all shapes and sizes are adored. The curvy figure is revered as something to be proud of, thus many Brazilian women wear swimwear accordingly. If we take anything away from our South American neighbors it is to enjoy the skin you have… regardless of the form it comes in. Because all women are beautiful and deserve their moment in the sun.