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How To Style Your Swimwear as Daywear

How To Style Your Swimwear as Daywear

As Fall starts to sneak up on us, it’s probably that time of year where you put all those bikinis that you bought at the beginning of summer in the back of your closet, right? Well, we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to keep hiding away your swimsuits just because summer ends! 

Swimwear is becoming more versatile than ever, making it easy enough to style with your everyday clothes. So, how do you style your swimwear outside of the beach? We’ll show you!


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For the most put-together look of all, you can style your one-piece swimsuit as a bodysuit. You might be thinking, why wouldn’t I just wear a regular bodysuit? You absolutely can, but in our opinion, swimwear can elevate your outfit more than any other bodysuit, simply because of the print and fabric differences.

With a wide range of prints, you can go simple with the other pieces in your outfit and let the one-piece suit do all the work for you. It’ll look like you put all this effort into styling your outfit when really, it only took a few minutes to put together. Beyond that, nothing beats getting more use out of your favorite swimsuits!


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Looking for more coverage when you’re not at the beach? We get it! Especially as the weather gets crisper, we’ll need to cover a little more skin. Replacing your everyday crop top with a full-coverage bikini top is the perfect way to get more use out of your swimwear and mix up your outfits.

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We love to pair our off-the-shoulder, one shoulder, or halter top styles with just about any kind of bottoms. Is date night coming up? Wear an off-the-shoulder bikini top with a skirt for an elegant look. For a night out with your girlfriends, throw on a halter top with your favorite high-waisted jeans. Last but not least, you can always pair your one shoulder strap tops with a matching cover-up and some statement accessories!


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Whether it's worn under a tank top to add a pop of color to your look or as is when working out, swimwear is the new top. Yoga instructors are using them to teach in and influencers are switching out their bras for swim tops. Swimwear fabric is actually incredibly strong to be able to hold up to salt water and other elements, so it allows you to stretch out that top previously worn 'just a few months a year' top, to a year round staple.


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As we look in our closet for something to wear under our shirt, we completely forget that our bandeau bikini tops are an option. Instead of buying more bandeaus or bralettes, make use of your swimsuit tops!

Our Adeline Bikini Top can be paired with long maxi-skirts or shorts as we transition from hot to warm weather. Once we reach the colder months, it can be worn under long-sleeve blouses, blazers, and paired with high-waisted pants. This bandeau style bikini top is fully padded and made from a durable fabric that will give you enough support to feel comfortable doing just about anything!



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The triangle bikini top is pretty common in the swimwear world, and rightfully so given how simple and functional this style can be! Our favorite way to style this bikini off the beach is to pair it with high-waisted pants and sneakers for an effortlessly cool look.

Throw on some jewelry, a baseball cap or sunhat, and you’re ready for a day out and about. This triangle bikini top is the perfect style to wear at the beginning of Fall while the weather is still warm, in the middle of spring, and of course, during any summer month!

Just like that, you now have some new inspiration on how to style your swimwear outside of the beach! Why limit your swimsuits to the pool and the beach when they can be worn for so many other occasions? Summer may only last us three months, but our swimwear can last longer. It’s time to take our bikinis off the beach and turn them into daywear!